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The Winner is….

Last night, August 15th, I put my kids to sleep and although I was excited about my giveaway ending, I was able to fall asleep. But as soon as midnight came around, something inside me woke me up. A winner needed to be picked, so I went to my computer and clicked the “Select a Winner” on the contest software I was using to run the giveaway, I sent the winner an email and got his confirmation this morning!

So without further delay, the Winner of the AJax Fitness Fitbit Giveaway is:

Christopher from East Rochester, New York

Congratulations Christopher! I hope you can email me that picture of you and the Prize so that I can post it on our Website at (Thank You!)

A Big Thank You to all of you who entered the contest, and I don’t want anyone walking away with nothing…

Therefore, for a limited time, I will provide you with a discount code of 30% OFF our entire catalog of items from our Storefront on Amazon. Please use the Promotion Code: AJAX3030 at checkout to get your 30% OFF (This is only available through our Storefront on Amazon and expires August 23, 2017 at 11:59PM PST)

And yes – buy from Amazon (not my own website) as the Promotion Code (AJAX3030) is only available on Amazon right now!

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