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Fitbit Blaze: Review and Tips & Tricks

As part of my giveaway, which ends on August 15 2017 11:59pm EST, I thought it would be good to include some links that might be helpful for those interested in a Review and Tips & Tricks for the Fitbit Blaze.

Click here for the REVIEW

Click here for the Tips & Tricks

Best of Luck who are already entered into my Contest.  If you are not entered but want to submit your name, go HERE


4 thoughts on “Fitbit Blaze: Review and Tips & Tricks

  1. I can really use this. I go to the park and walk every morning. I can also use it to monitor my sleep. I have bad sleeping.

    1. Hi Kelly
      Thanks for your comment and wish you best of luck on your entry into the Giveaway of the FitBit Blaze. It happens to have a sleep monitor feature and I would think that would help monitor your sleep habits, quality, etc…!

      Good Luck…Remember that if you use the email link that we sent out right after you subscribed; and have friends or family click on that link to enter the contest as well – for everyone that enters using your specific link, you will get 3 additional entries into the contest. This will increase your chances to win the item.

      Always looking to hear from you again.

      Take care,

  2. Great reviews and easy to read. Definitely want to try this quality piece of equipment. Second to a heart rate monitor/chest strap, this seems like the best way to monitor training sessions.

    1. Hi Denise
      Thanks for your comment. They have some neat functions and it actually looks like a real watch. What’s nice is also straps that you can use it with should you like to have a different look. I see your entry and best of luck!

      Take Care,

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